Ornament Stickers

These nine ornament stickers come in a decorative envelope with four sets, each a different color.These nine fruit of the spirit stickers accompany the Testimony of the Tree Tradition and, by trademark, are only sold with The Legacy Project materials. These high-quality, easy-to-use stickers are the only ones on market.

Stickers may be sold as a set with the main publication: Grandma’s Christmas Legacy, The Testimony of the Tree. Using the new Christmas tradition, The Testimony of the Tree features an appendices as a family read-a-long.

A booklet containing an abridged version of the Testimony of the Tree tradition, it is written with the ornament stickers to be used as you adorn your tree while you do the tradition together.


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Class Room Poster: Testimony of the Tree Teaching-Aid

This is a teaching-aid for elementary and preschool classrooms for here and abroad. It comes with ornament decals and The Testimony of the Tree Outreach Booklet.

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Audio Version: Grandma's Christmas Legacy, The Testimony of the Tree.

Late one Christmas eve, a grandmother, knowing it may be her last, sat wrapped by the warmth of the fire and within the glow of the glistening tree. It was then she bowed her head and asked God to give her a gift - something she could give her family so that they would know all they need to know of all they are to be. She looked up, and there it was - glistening and adorned in all its glory. And she knew what she was to do. As the months passed before she weakened, she prepared the pages of a book and the contents of a mysterious old trunk. And so, the story opens under the snowy tufts of winter, when the family gathers for the annual decorating of the Christmas tree…

Wonder unfolds as the ornaments, garland, and the pinnacle crowning glory all share secrets of life and love to transcend loss and fear. The following Christmas, Rose Martin makes a discovery in her parents’ attic. What then is its meaning? What story does it tell? Perhaps it takes a grandmother’s heart to reveal how the Christmas tree stands to tell the greatest story of all - the Testimony of the Tree.

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