4) Dramatized Radio Adaptation 

A Christmas outreach project for single stations, radio networks, or as aCity-wide collaboration of radio outlets.

This dramatic radio adaptation of the message and metaphor from the nationally award-winning book, Grandma’s Christmas Legacy, The Testimony of the Tree, is the centerpiece of a larger offering for stations and networks to engage their listeners. While together, both share the hope and wonder of Christ at Christmas for young and old when people are 27% more open to the Gospel (and looking for hope) than any time of the year. Radio outlets have also used the publications tied to the radio adaptation for end-of-year giving drives.

Legacy of Hope
Included: Licensing, simple, impactful and engaging outreach tools, and resources for listeners to impact their communities (A true story-maker for call-in experiences), soundbytes, interviews, devotionals, special social postings. The creative & compelling ways engaged listeners may use the outreach resources are endless.

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