Share The Gift Of Hope

An Outreach Tool for Here & Abroad with Endless Possibilities:

  • The most identifiable worldwide symbol of Christmas, the CHRISTmas Tree
  • An overview of the entire Christian life for young & old
  • A clear gospel message with an invitation & prayer of salvation
  • A new tradition to Become a memory maker

For media outlets, international organizations, and churches to use both here and abroad


  • Orphanages
  • Troops
  • Refugee encampments
  • Christmas gift shoe boxes
  • Prisons


  • Church invite door drops
  • Children’s outreaches
  • Food giveaways
  • Christmas Sunday visitors
  • Missionaries and missions abroad

The Testimony of the Tree -Read-Along Tradition with a beautiful 3-Dimensional Table-top Christmas Tree:
All without a Christmas tree can experience a fun and easy new Christmas tradition worldwide, while discovering an overview of the entire Christian life and the Gospel through The Testimony of the Tree metaphor. Rich meaning comes as the allegory unfolds (using the elements of the Christmas tree: evergreen, the branches, ornaments -the Fruit of the Spirit, the garland and star), revealing the promise the Lord has for all - how the Lord wishes to adorn our lives with strength and beauty to know our identity, purpose, and the inheritance we have as God‘s children. “That we may stand as a symbol of hope in a dark world, pointing others to God. For this is our testimony, this is the testimony of the tree.”

The Testimony of the Tree metaphor bridges the generations, be it young or old, male or female, any station in one’s life; all may receive hope and salvation: orphans, inmates, individuals, executives, and families..

  • A colorful cardstock 3-D Christmas tree that ships flat with all the decorations (10 inches upon completion).

  • The Testimony of the Tree Read-Along Tradition booklet with colorful illustrations: (5 3/4 x 8 inches).

  • A custom greeting card envelope for safe keeping (6 x 9 inch). A clear gospel message written for children and a wide audience with an

  • invitation and a prayer of salvation.

Start a Tradition, Leave a Legacy...

“That we may stand as does the tree- a symbol of hope in a dark world pointing others to God, for this is our testimony, this- is The Testimony of the Tree.” “For a life devoted to things is a dead life – a stump, but a God –shaped life is a flourishing tree.”