As the centerpiece of The Legacy Project, The Testimony of the Tree presentation unfolds an amazing discovery of our rich inheritance in Him. While Casey adorns a full-sized Christmas tree, we learn how the Lord adorns our lives with purpose and hope. While weaving within the Christmas story and the Gospel message, the makings of a relinquished life is realized, preparing us for the great commission and, finally, the crowning - our purpose. Fully decked and adorned, we stand as a testament proclaiming the beauty of the Lord to all, just like the tree. And with a surprise message of hope at the end, all are offered the greatest gift ever bore on a tree: the gift of Christ. The tree in the middle of our living room now has purpose in our traditions bringing hope for all, young and old. See https://youtu.be/MLnjJlSS0vw

LENGTH: 34 minute presentation (adding an invitation for salvation and/or benediction with Casey’s testimony and book introduction-may be rounded to one hour). Note: Can be shortened for church outreach services.

INCLUDED: WOW Ministries’ comprehensive Promotional Kit and Presentation Media Kit.

OFFERED: The national award-winning hardcover gift book, Grandma’s Christmas Legacy, the Testimony of the Tree, with the award-winning fictional short story, coffee-table gift book, and the introduction of a new Christmas tradition for young and old.