Christmas Legacy Celebrations are outreach presentations in homes for mission organizations, church planting initiatives, and churches to share the hope of Christ both here and abroad

When people are 27% more likely to recieve Christ than any other time of the year. This message and metaphor uses the largest symbol of Christmas worldwide, the Christmas tree.

Easy. Engaging. Impactful.

Christmas Legacy Celebrations are conducted by home groups, missions abroad, church plant initiatives, and families through a warm and welcome invitation during November and December. This presentation invites those in their spheres of influence to celebrate a new Christmas tradition together in their homes as they hear an inspirational gospel message which engages young and old.

The Christmas Legacy Celebration Training & Execution Manual includes all needed to host and execute Christmas Legacy Celebrations:

  • Evangelism training including a training video which teaches how to write your testimony in ten minutes and how to share it in two minutes, inserting it into the Christmas Legacy Celebrations inspirational message
  • The outline of the simple testimony of the tree metaphor
  • Materials, invitations, props, and tools to share the outreach
  • Hospitality: practical execution tips, and follow-up instructions