Franklin Graham’s Office Endorsement

Grandma’s Christmas Legacy: The Testimony of the Tree is “wonderfully and creatively done. Finally, a new Christmas book with Biblical meaning. If families read this story every year when the tree was put up, they would see it differently…emphasizing the Lord Jesus instead of just Santa Claus,” says Donna Lee Toney, who has endorsed the book on behalf Franklin Graham and the BGEA. Toney, co-author of several books, including Billy Graham in Quotes, has been a colleague of Franklin Graham’s for 30 years and serves on the approval committee for the BGEA bookstores.

About the Legacy Project

“Christ’s last command should be our first concern, Acts 1:7, 8. Whether embracing this as a clear evangelism tool as a family to share with other families over the Christmas season, or as a church wide outreach celebration, WOW Ministries International’s “Legacy Project” has potential for deep impact for a ripple effect of salvation and hope which reaches into eternity…From an overview perspective, this has impact to reach not only hearts and homes, but complete churches, communities and beyond our borders, crossing lines of latitude and longitude to reach around the world with the greatest news of all. – Jesus, the light and hope of the world.”
-Dave Gibson: Pastor of Missions and Outreach, Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

About Christmas Legacy Celebrations

For more than 25 years I have been privileged to see how powerfully God uses hospitality and the Christmas season to open people’s lives an hearts to the good news of Christ’s birth and his redemptive life. This book will help many share Christ simply and visually. What a passionate heart Casey has for sharing Christ. What she has shared in larger outreaches in churches now can come right to your home helping you share Christ with those you love.
-Joyce Bademen: Founder of Cru’s “Christmas Home Gatherings”

About the Book

“If you’re like me, you’ve searched the bookstore shelves for a beautiful Christmas gift book that truly captures the message of Christmas . . . only to walk out of the store disappointed. Finally, I’ve found one that I will delight in for years to come—Grandma’s Christmas Legacy, The Testimony of the Tree. As exquisitely designed as the story is beautifully told, this gift book reveals the Christmas story through the world’s most identifiable symbol, the Christmas tree, in a way that has touched my heart and made an unforgettable impression. With its lessons of life and love that transcend loss and fear and bring hope, this is one gift book I’ll be happy to pass along to my children and grandchildren.”
-Lance Wubbels: Bestselling author of the Hallmark Books If Only I Knew, Dance While You Can, and I Wish for You and the ECPA Gold Medallion winning books To a Child Love Is Spelled T-I-M-E and In His Presence.